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Level 3 Moon Mother Training
Mit Miranda Gray

 Level 3 Moon Mother® Training

Training & Initiation Level 3 Moon Mother®

Part 1


Awakening sacredness in ourselves and in others

2-day certificated training in person with Miranda Gray

Under the Moon in the sacred temple of Moon Mothers, we will meet in-person to walk the path of the Divine Feminine.

Level 3 Moon Mother training is about standing in the presence of the Divine Feminine and being her heart and hands in the world. The call to become a Level 3 Moon Mother lies in our hearts, in our wombs, and in our souls, and we smile when we think about it!

Becoming a Level 3 Moon Mother creates a deep change within our bodies and within our lives, and it starts a new path that takes us deeper into the expansive Universal Divine Feminine energies that are grounded by the Grace of Mother Earth.

This 2-day workshop is a unique opportunity for you to spend a weekend in a sacred feminine energy temple with Miranda Gray and to receive initiation and instruction from her in person. Honour this weekend as a spiritual journey to open your connection with the Universal Divine Feminine, to be uplifted into blissful patterns of change and love, and to accept the sacred role of a Level 3 Moon Mother representative of the Divine Feminine.

Connected together with your Moon Mother sisters within the energetic Temple of Moon Mothers, the beautiful Level 3 initiation from Miranda will uplift you to receive the MotherSoul light of the Mother. Together under the Womb Tree, bathed in light and surrounded by the presence of the Divine Feminine, you will give and receive the Level 3 ‘Awakening into Light’ Womb Blessing and share a Level 3 Womb Healing. And in a second initiation from Miranda, you will open to the Universal Womb Tree to be able to send the beautiful Level 3 Womb Blessing at a distance.

Level 3 also comes with two additional beautiful Womb Blessing to help women to awaken to their sacredness and spiritual path, and to help bring the peace and grounding that comes when ‘heaven and earth’ are in harmony within us. Within the temple you will give and receive these wonderful Blessings. You will also receive practices with the Grace of the Earth Mother to help you to remain grounded in the physical as you walk the path of the Moon on Earth.

This is a beautiful workshop with time to share your experiences, time to process and love, and time to receive. And afterwards you will walk through Rebirth activities to deepen your relationship with the Archetypes and the Divine Feminine within yourself. As the Level 3 vibration flows through you, it flows into The Gift and The Cauldron Energisers, raising the vibration and the beautiful Divine Feminine presence that you share.

The training includes:

  • A Level 3 Manual

  • Level 3 certification

  • Free listing of your certification on the Womb Blessing website with your contact details

  • Free access to the download materials in the Level 3 login area.

  • Free support from the Level 3 Facebook Training Circles.


More information for those in Maiden energies…

In this training you will:

  • Receive the Level 3 initiation into the MotherSoul light.

  • Join with the Universal Womb Tree and the dove of the Divine Mother to give the Level 3 ‘Awakening into Light’ Womb Blessing in-person.

  • Receive initiation to be able to send the Level 3 Womb Blessing at a distance.

  • Give and receive a Level 3 Womb Healing in-person.

  • Learn how to give ‘An Opening into Sacredness’ Womb Blessing and give and receive the Blessing.

  • Learn how to give ‘An Opening into Peace’ Womb Blessing and give and receive the Blessing.

  • Receive a new meditation for sending MotherSoul light in the Worldwide Womb Blessing.

  • Receive Grace and MotherSoul supportive energy practices.

After the workshop you will be able to offer:

  • Level 3 Womb Blessing in-person and at a distance

  • The ‘Opening to Sacredness’ Womb Blessing in-person

  • The ‘Opening to Peace’ Womb Blessing in-person

  • Level 3 Womb Healing and Female Soul Healing in-person and at a distance

  • Level 3 Cauldron Energiser

  • Level 3 Gift and Grail Renewal

  • Offer MotherSoul in the Worldwide Womb Blessing sending

For personal development you will also:

  • Receive meditations and practices for energy support.

  • Be able to have a Level 3 Self Blessing

  • Meet your Level 3 Womb Sister.


This is a spiritual workshop. It requires that participants are respectful, gentle, loving and kind during the workshop and wish to serve as "priestesses" - weavers of the Goddess energy and as channels for the presence of the Divine Mother.

The energy work continues after the workshop as the energies of the attunement integrate within the participants over a period of 3 months.

Participants are asked to be gentle with themselves, especially in their first month of rebirth.


Workshop requirements:

  • Level 2 Moon Mother®

  • At least three months since your Level 2 Moon Mother® training.

  • Experience in Level 2 Womb Blessing and Level 2 Womb Healing and working with the Level 2 symbols.

  • A heartfelt desire to actively help women through Goddess-centred blessings.


Miranda expects all participants of the Level 3 MM training to have experience in giving Womb Blessings and Womb Healings (Female Soul healing). Reading the books "Red Moon" and "Female Energy Awakening" is strongly recommended by Miranda.

For participants of the Level 3 training who have not given Womb Blessings® recently, a session with a > Moon Mother® technique trainer to refresh and update their knowledge and tools is recommended. The "No-Breath" technique is a prerequisite.

If you are pregnant, please contact the organiser to see if the training is suitable for you.

We do not recommend the workshops for pregnant women in the second half of their pregnancy.

All materials will be provided in English or German.



Cancellation by Students - cancellation fees

Please note that if you need to cancel your place at the workshop at short notice, costs incurred for work and exercise materials, rent for the conference room, and the pre-ordered catering cannot be refunded.

If you are prevented from attending, you may provide a substitute person without additional costs, in consultation with the Organiser. This substitute person must fulfil all of the conditions of participation/admission requirements.

In view of advance costs incurred, we unfortunately have to charge you the following fees in the event of a cancellation, depending on the time interval in which we receive your written cancellation notification before the start of the event.

Cancellation of a booked workshop is possible in writing (e.g. by fax or email) up to 30 calendar days before the event free of charge.

Cancellation fees:

a) up to 18th August 22                                                100 % refund

b) from 19th August 22 to 27th August 22                     80 % refund

c) 28th August 22 to 9th September 22                          50 % refund

d) after 9th September 22                                               no refund, full fee payable

In case of non-attendance on the day of the seminar, the full participation fee will be due.

The above cancellation fees apply per registered person. Re-bookings will be treated as cancellations.


Special regulations for COVID

If you have tested positive for Covid-19 within 10 calendar days before the workshop (please send us written proof from a test centre, a positive self-test is not sufficient), 80 % of the seminar fees will be refunded.

Please note: State Covid requirements apply at the time of the workshop.

Cancellation by Miranda Gray or the Organiser

Miranda Gray and the Organiser reserve the right to cancel the event for reasons beyond our control, including but not limited to low demand or low number of participants or for other critical reasons such as illness of the teacher Miranda Gray or other force majeure. You will be informed as soon as possible using the contact details provided in your registration. In the event of cancellation, any workshop fee already paid will be refunded in full. Any further liability or claims for damages are excluded, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of Miranda Gray or the Organiser.

You are responsible for your own arrival/departure, transport, and accommodation arrangements. Please enquire about the cancellation conditions of the respective providers of these services when making your booking. Liability and compensation claims against Miranda Gray or the Organiser are excluded.

With your booking you accept the above cancellation conditions including the Covid special regulation.

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